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Frequently asked questions

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service where a company or individual purchases a large amount of web hosting services from a larger hosting company and then resells smaller packages to their own customers. Resellers are responsible for their own customer support, billing, and technical issues, while the larger hosting company provides the infrastructure and support. This allows the reseller to start their own web hosting company without having to invest in the costly infrastructure and technical expertise required to run a hosting company.

There are several benefits to using reseller hosting. Reseller hosting allows individuals or companies to start their own hosting business without having to invest in expensive infrastructure and technical expertise. Cost-effective solution: It can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses or individuals who want to host multiple websites or offer hosting services to their clients. Reseller hosting allows you to create a separate brand for your hosting service and make it distinguishable from the main hosting provider. Reseller hosting plans often offer a wide range of options and flexibility, allowing resellers to customize their packages to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

The main difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting is the level of control and responsibility that the user has over their hosting service. Shared hosting is a service where multiple websites share the same server and resources. Reseller hosting is a service where a company or individual purchases a large amount of web hosting services from a larger hosting company and then resells smaller packages to their own customers. Resellers have more control over their hosting services as they can customize packages and set their own prices.

Yes, it is possible to make money with reseller hosting. The concept behind reseller hosting is that you purchase a large amount of web hosting services from a larger hosting company, then resell smaller packages to your own customers at a markup. The profit margin on reseller hosting can vary depending on the hosting plan, the provider, and the pricing strategy.  Reseller hosting can be a profitable business as long as you have the right reseller hosting provider, you have a good pricing strategy, you are able to market and promote your services effectively, and you are able to provide good customer service. However, it is important to keep in mind that like any business, it takes time, effort and resources to be successful.

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“Meeshan and his team were absolute rock stars when it came to hosting my website and transferring the domain. I was having issues with my previous website host and Meeshan took the stress out of it and sorted it all out. As a skincare therapist trying to navigate the unknown of website hosting, the team were phenomenal in trying to explain things to me in simple terms. I can't wait to use the rest of their services to help my business grow. 5 stars from me.”

Jaishal Patel Business Owner

“Meeshan and his team are awesome. They understood what I wanted on my website and delivered an awesome end product. I personally enjoy all my interactions with them. They are very helpful and always have the right answers.”

Jyoti Singh Director - YC Consulting

“Meeshan and team have been awesome. Always available to assist with the customers best interest at heart. Sterling all round service and expertise in the business. I would definitely recommend them. They also effortlessly assisted my domain transfer from a previous troublesome host.”

Germaine Fynn Director -

“Great service with really fair pricing.”

Megandro Pillay Director - Logical Auto Solutions